HCG Diet

HCG Diet

What is the HCG Diet?

Dr. A.T.W Simeons began developing the HCG Diet back in 1954 and perfected a weight loss protocol that is virtually 100% effective at rapid fat loss. HCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a bioidentical hormone naturally produced by the body during pregnancy. His HCG Diet Protocol has been researched and documented for decades and has proven to be the most effective “diet cure” ever discovered.

In relation to weight loss, HCG has many functions:

➊ HCG prevents the body’s starvation response from being triggered; keeping lean muscle tissue and the fat that protects vital organs intact.

➋ HCG prevents muscle, bone and organ loss as associated with traditional low calorie diets.

➌ HCG reduces the cravings, headaches and fatigue normally associated with low calorie diets by modulating hypothalamic regulatory centers.

➍ HCG resets the metabolism to a fat burning rate.

➎ HCG mobilizes fat stores to be used as fuel by the body.

In essence, your body begins feeding itself fat stores to make up for a decrease in calories, resulting in rapid weight loss and a contouring effect. Because the body’s adipose fat stores are located in the thighs, hips, stomach and other “hard to lose” places, HCG produces a noticeable change to the shape of the body instead of simply the number on the scale.

Unlike normal low calorie diets, the HCG Diet helps safely achieve weight loss of an average of 1-3 lbs per day.

There are countless success stories using HCG for weight loss. Many report the same things; cravings for sugars and high calorie foods have subsided and various other health issues begin to get better or clear up. Most importantly, they have maintained their weight loss and have broken free of the Yo-Yo dieting trap.

Though studies debate the effectiveness of HCG for weight loss, claiming that weight loss is expected with a low calorie diet, they have not addressed the fact that body fat percentage has decreased. The HCG dieters have protected themselves from serious health risks associated with low calorie diets and have kept their lean muscle mass and necessary fat deposits intact.


HCG, in combination with a low-calorie diet, will allow the body to access stored fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

A low-calorie diet alone will not access stored fat in the “hard to lose” areas, and most weight loss will be seen in undesirable places such as the face, lower arms, heels, legs, etc.

Low calorie weight loss without HCG will also result in the sagging of skin due to loss of lean muscle and its structural support.

HCG achieves effects by working on the hypothalamus, resetting cravings and metabolic point, not seen by a low-calorie diet alone.

The Many Benefits of HCG used for Weight Loss

It was discovered that along with substantial weight loss and the ability to keep it off after the program was complete, there were many more benefits experienced from being on this program. Here are a few:

  • •  No loss of muscle mass
  • •  Normalized the thyroid gland
  • •  Rebuilds the adrenal glands
  • •  Balances the hormones out put
  • •  Replaces the good cushioning "fat pad" through-out the body
  • •  Normalizes cholesterol levels
  • •  Normalizes appetite demands
  • •  Gets rid of the large pot belly on both male and female
  • •  Reduces fat deposits on double chins

Anti-Aging Benefits

There are numerous amounts of anti aging products sold in the marketplace today. It’s often difficult to decide which one will work or works best. One good way to decide is to examine the ingredients that are associated and proven to prevent aging. The best ingredients that help fight and prevent aging are:

  • •  Alpha-hydroxy Acids
  • •  Antioxidants
  • •  Collagen
  • •  Vitamin C
  • •  Vitamin D
  • •  Vitamin E
  • •  Vitamin K

In Dr. Simeon's research, he found that the patient who successfully did the HCG weight loss protocol did indeed look younger, have tighter skin, had a higher sex drive and more youthful energy and appearance overall.

HCG Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCG?

Answer: HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin and is a natural substance produced in large amounts in the human body during pregnancy. Pregnant women produce upwards of a million units a day of HCG, while the weight loss protocol uses only 150 units a day. Pharmaceutical companies extract this substance from the urine of pregnant women. It is purified and made into pharmaceutical grade HCG. Although it is a natural substance, it is classified as a drug and available by prescription only. You must get HCG from a medical doctor with a prescription. While the FDA has approved HCG for other uses, such as fertility treatments, the FDA has not approved HCG to be used in weight loss treatment; however, it is legal for doctors in America to prescribe medications for purposes that are not approved by the FDA.

How does HCG work?

Answer: In the pregnant woman, HCG provides fuel for the fetus to grow and develop by mobilizing the mother’s fat stores, particularly when the mother is malnourished herself from morning sickness or general inadequate calorie intake. Knowing this mechanism of action, Dr. Simeons, in the 1940s, began using HCG in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, mimicking malnutrition, in order to burn fat and induce rapid weight loss in his patients.

What if I just did the 500-calorie diet without the HCG injections?

Answer: Many double-blind studies have been conducted that give the answer to this question. If you just do the diet without the HCG injections, you will, in fact lose weight. The problem is, during the diet you will be losing muscle and structural fat; as opposed to abnormal fat deposits in the problem areas. Your body will quickly go into starvation mode, shutting down your thyroid and slowing your metabolism. This will cause lethargy, headaches, and irritability. When you finish the diet your metabolism will be lower than before and your hunger higher than before. You will not have achieved the results you want, and you will gain the weight back, and likely more, since your metabolism will be slower.

What does the FDA say about HCG?

Answer: They state that HCG has no known effect on fat mobilization, reducing appetite or sense of hunger, or body fat distribution. They further state that HCG has not been demonstrated to be an effective adjunct therapy in the treatment of obesity and does not increase fat losses beyond that resulting from caloric restriction. These statements are blatantly and flagrantly false. The truth is that in all properly conducted studies, people on the diet with HCG have, in fact, lost both weight and inches, and much more than placebo group. These dieters have seen a dramatic reshaping and re-sculpting of their bodies.

Isn’t 500 calories a day too low to be safe?

Answer: 500 calories a day is insufficient by itself, but in conjunction with HCG, you are burning thousands of calories, a day which is why most people are not hungry or tired while on the HCG protocol. Moreover, research has demonstrated that low caloric intake, with nutritional supplementation, increases longevity. (50% reduction in calories, NOT 500 calories, so living on 500 calories a day would not be healthy)

During the diet am I allowed to continue taking supplements and prescription medication?

Answer: Yes. In order to maintain a healthy nutritional balance, you should use supplementation. If needed, we will make recommendations that will help you achieve an even greater weight loss. It is also imperative that you continue to take any necessary prescription medication. If you are taking blood pressure or diabetes medications, these will need to be adjusted, and blood pressure and blood sugars will need to be closely monitored, as they usually improve dramatically, necessitating reduction or discontinuation of these medications.

When will I start to lose weight?

Answer: The first two days on injections you are eating normally, possibly more than usual. The third day is your first day on 500 calories. So, the fourth day you should see your first drop in weight.

Can I change some of the food items on the diet?

Answer: No. Dr. Simeons was very particular in his research about how even the very smallest change or variation would slow down or stop the fat burning process completely. He said that the diet used in conjunction with the HCG injections must not exceed 500 calories per day. He also stated that the way these calories are made up is of the utmost importance. He pointed out that if a patient dropped the apple and had a little more protein he would not be getting any more calories, but he would not lose weight. There are a number of foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, which have the same or even lower caloric values than those listed as permissible. However, when substitutions are made Simeons found that they interfere with the regular loss of weight under HCG. If you want optimal results, follow Simeons protocol completely. If you want to ‘test the waters’ and try something different, such as eating whatever you want without exceeding 500 calories, you can do that, but at your own risk.

Will I be hungry during this protocol?

Answer: You may have some hunger between one and seven days. If you follow the instructions to load up on calories the first two days, this will not be as noticeable. Each person is different but for the most part the hunger is mild and gets better each week on the protocol. ***Please note*** Should there be an issue with hunger, take more fiber capsules and drink more water. It is also acceptable to use sugar-free mints and gum as needed. (preferably ones using stevia rather than artificial sweeteners)