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Are your frown lines making you frown? Smooth away wrinkles and enjoy a rejuvenated look with Dysport at our practice in The Woodlands, TX, serving Spring, Conroe, and the surrounding areas. With just a few quick injections, this “cousin” of BOTOX minimizes the look of frown lines for months at a time.

You deserve to look as young and vibrant as you feel. Age gracefully with a little help from Dysport and the experienced injectors at Woodland Medical Aesthetics.

Inspriring Dysport® Results

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What Is Dysport?

Dysport is an injection used to temporarily improve the look of your moderate to severe frown lines without changing the look of your whole face. The untreated facial muscles still work normally, allowing you to freely show facial expressions, such as smiling, in untreated areas.

How Does Dysport Work?

Over time, the muscles above and between the eyebrows repeatedly contract and tighten, causing wrinkles. But, with just 1 injection into each of 5 points between and over the eyebrows, Dysport blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles, ultimately reducing muscle activity and temporarily preventing contraction of the muscles that cause frown lines.

Dysport works in a very similar way to BOTOX® Cosmetic and DAXXIFY®, also available at Woodlands Medical Aesthetics. During your consultation, your experienced provider will recommend the best product for you.

Dr. Johnny Peet, FACOG

Dr. Johnny Peet, FACOG

Founder of Woodlands Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Peet leads a highly trained team of clinical and med spa professionals who combine laser technology, hormone therapy, and cosmetic treatments to give you a renewed sense of confidence and vitality, no matter your age, gender, or background.

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Credentials You Can Trust

Woodlands Medical Aesthetics Institute credentials from the ABOG and ACOG

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What Are Dysport Treatments Like?

Dysport treatments only take a few minutes and involve little to no downtime. After consulting with you about your goals and cleansing your treatment area, your provider will use a tiny needle to place the product in precise locations. Most people say these injections feel like quick pinches or bug bites.

What Is Dysport Recovery Like?

There is little to no downtime involved after a Dysport treatment. You may have some minor redness or soreness around your injection sites, which typically resolves in a day or 2. You will be free to return to work and your usual activities right away.

How Long Do Dysport Results Last?

Dysport works a bit more quickly than BOTOX, often taking effect in just a couple of days. For up to 4 months, you could have the look that you love. It’s important to note that you should not be treated with Dysport more frequently than every 90 days.

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