EON® Smarter Body Contouring

Banish Stubborn Fat for Good

If you’re looking for an innovative treatment to reduce stubborn abdominal fat, Woodlands Medical Aesthetics offers EON. This non-invasive “smart” body contouring laser is the world’s first FDA-cleared touchless device that targets diet- and exercise-resistant abdominal fat.

Woodlands Medical Aesthetics Institute is among the first to offer this unique body contouring procedure in The Woodlands, TX, for patients who are seeking a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. Our med spa serves women and men from Conroe, Spring, and neighboring areas who want science-based aesthetic treatments.

EON Laser Before-and-After Photos

EON® Body Contouring Laser before and 12 weeks after one treatment
EON® Body Contouring Laser before and 12 weeks after one treatment

What Happens During an EON Treatment?

The EON is truly a touch-free procedure. It doesn’t require gels, applicators, or anesthetic. Patients lie down on a treatment table wearing goggles to protect their eyes. The “smart” robotic arm scans the contours of the targeted areas and calculates a personalized treatment pattern. Once the initial scan is complete, the treatment head delivers laser energy as it passes over the skin. Cooling technology ensures you are comfortable throughout the treatment.

How Does EON Laser Fat Reduction Work?

EON® Body Contouring Laser machine

The laser heats and destroys fat cells below the skin’s surface. As in other nonsurgical fat reduction procedures, the body naturally removes the dead fat cells over time through the lymphatic system. The EON system includes proprietary technology that cools the abdominal skin even as the laser’s thermal energy heats the fat below the skin’s surface.

Before treatment, the device hovers over and scans the patient’s body, memorizing the surface contours while using sensors to detect skin temperature, distance from the skin, laser energy, jet temperature, and room temperature. These features are part of EON’s advanced safety protocol and diminish the possibility of human error during treatment.

Patients can treat an entire abdomen in 60 minutes and can achieve a fat loss of 21% above the belly button and 25% below the belly button. EON is currently FDA cleared for the abdomen and flanks and is safe for all skin types and skin tones. There is a 96% patient satisfaction with EON, with 95.2% of patients saying they will return for a second treatment. There are ZERO non-responders with EON.

Am I a Candidate for EON Laser Body Contouring?

Good candidates for EON treatments are women and men who meet the following criteria:

  • Want to reduce pinchable fat in the upper and lower abdomen (above and below the belly button) or flanks (love handles)
  • Are at or near their ideal weight
  • Have good elasticity in the targeted areas
  • Have a body mass index (BMI) no greater than 30

What Is Recovery Like After an EON Treatment?

No downtime is required after an EON treatment. No straps, gels, or post-treatment massages are needed. You can return immediately to work, run errands, or make other plans for the rest of the day.

Dr. Johnny Peet, FACOG

Dr. Johnny Peet, FACOG

Founder of Woodlands Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Peet leads a highly trained team of clinical and med spa professionals who combine laser technology, hormone therapy, and cosmetic treatments to give you a renewed sense of confidence and vitality, no matter your age, gender, or background.

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How long does it take?

Each treatment area (segment), such as the upper abs, takes 20 minutes. An EON treatment on the upper and lower abs requires 2 to 4 segments, so treatments take 40 to 80 minutes, depending on the size of the abdominal area. The flanks take 20 minutes each. A Total Abdomen Treatment consists of both flanks and 2 to 3 segments on the abs, taking less than 2 hours to complete. All areas can be treated in one visit.

How long before I see results?

Because EON utilizes the body’s natural functions to remove the damaged fat cells, it can take up to 12 weeks to fully realize the results of your treatment. Many patients have reported seeing results as early as 6 weeks, especially when coupled with lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. Increased circulation, exercise, and hydration help speed the body’s ability to flush away the destroyed fat cells.

What results can I expect?

Patients in EON studies experienced 20 to 25% fat loss in the upper and lower abdomen with a single treatment.

How many areas can I have treated? How often can I get treatment in the same area?

In general, it takes at least 2 areas (segments) per treatment to deliver desired results. Patients can have additional treatments if sufficient fat remains to treat. It’s important to wait 6 to 8 weeks before a second treatment in the same area to give the body time to flush away treated fat cells.

How does EON differ from other non-invasive treatments?

EON damages the fat cell membrane with a heated laser while relying on normal bodily functions to remove the damaged cells over time. EON’s unique cooling technology maintains patient comfort while allowing targeted heat to reach the programed subcutaneous fat layer.

How long do the results last?

The number of fat cells you have is determined early in your life. The cells destroyed by EON laser treatments are removed from the body and they are gone for good. The remaining fat cells, however, can increase in size if you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a nutritious diet. Fat may tend to accumulate in areas other than your abdomen.

Are there side effects?

Side effects may include slight redness, mild to moderate discomfort during the treatment, soreness, and firm areas beneath the skin’s surface, which will resolve on their own. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), a very rare side-effect of freezing fat, does not occur with heat-based laser body contouring.

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